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Fight Acne with the MehrabiMD Acne Kit Bundle

Acne KitCaused by a convergence of hormones, age, gender, diet, lifestyle, and a slew of other factors, acne is no simple problem–and it has no simple solution. That’s exactly why so many cheap “quick fixes” that you’ll find at your local drug store ultimately fail to make a real difference.

For example, one acne product may help improve the turnover of skin cells–but without exfoliating pores, this could simply lead to increased clogging, and, therefore, more breakouts. Another product might exfoliate, yet cause excessive dryness: and this, alas, will only lead to more breakouts. (As well as redness and uncomfortable itchiness!)

In order to really be effective, your acne treatment must be multifaceted. It must clean, exfoliate, and moisturize–and, depending on what medications you use, you may need additional protection against issues such as excessive UV exposure.

In order to address all of these needs in an effective and cost-efficient manner, Skin Style has developed a unique anti-acne program. In this article, we will explain the standard MehrabiMD Acne Kit Bundle, as well as two add-on products that prove very useful for certain users.

The Standard Package

● MehrabiMD Pure Skin Deep Cleanser. Utilizing both salicylic and glycolic acid, this cleanser can help keep pores clean through a powerful exfoliation process. Keep clear skin clear, and fight all existing acne with a medication capable of addressing the root cause of your acne problems.

● MehrabiMD Pure Skin Deep Cleansing Pads. Featuring the same effective blend of medications as the MehrabiMD Pure Skin Deep Cleanser, these deep cleansing pads enable you to keep up with your cleansing routine on the go, and are a great tool for spot treating troublesome areas.

● MehrabiMD Radiant Skin Ultra-Light Moisturizer. By far the most common side effect of the two aforementioned products is dryness of the skin due to the powerful exfoliation and removal of built-up oils that salicylic and glycolic acid can achieve. MehrabiMD Radiant Skin Ultra-Light Moisturizer counters that dryness with a vitamin-enriched moisturizer designed not to clog your pores.

Additional Options
● MehrabiMD Pure Skin Medicated Wash Benzoyl Peroxide and Aloe Vera work together to cleanse and keep skin clear by removing excess oils.

● MehrabiMD Safe Skin Mineral SPF 40. Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide offer long-lasting UVA and UVB protection that is waterproof, gentle, and won’t clog your pores.

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