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Product Feature: MMD Benzoyl Peroxide 10% Wash

As you probably already know, acne can be caused by a wide variety of issues ranging from your hormones to your diet, to stress and much more. For this reason, so-called miracle cures for this common issue simply do not exist — but making simple changes to your routine and your lifestyle can usually be reasonably effective at improving your symptoms.


Responding to Mild/Moderate Acne

Anyone who is experiencing mild to moderate acne should generally try making these types of changes as a first step. (If you have severe acne, or if your condition does not respond to treatment, than a dermatologist visit is the next step.)


If you believing that an over-the-counter home remedy could be an effective way treat your acne, then benzoyl peroxide-based products are usually a good place to start. Featuring the ability to unclog skin pores and target acne-causing bacteria, benzoyl peroxide has the added benefit of having little side effects. (Mild dryness does occur in some cases, which is why a daily moisturizer is usually recommended for patients using this treatment method — more about that in a moment) All in all, benzoyl peroxide is a fantastic first option for anyone who would like an easy method of fighting acne.


Products frequently Recommended for Use With Benzoyl Peroxide

Many acne-fighting regimens make use of various products — and if you plan on utilizing benzoyl peroxide to fight your blackheads, whiteheads, and pimples, than you may wish to consider investing in some of the following products as well:


  • Glycolic Acid. A gentle exfoliating substance. Glycolic acid-based skin care products can complement the effects of benzoyl peroxide without leading to any increased risk of dryness or peeling.
  • Retinol. If you are looking to strengthen your cleansing routine substantially, there is no replacement for retinol. A highly concentrated extract of vitamin A, retinol is a powerful exfoliator with anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Sunscreen. Acne can be made worse by sunburns, which is already a good reason to wear daily protection from harmful UV rays. Because acne-fighting products such as benzoyl peroxide and retinol make the skin more susceptible to burns; however, using sunscreen takes on a special importance for people using such products.
  • Moisturizers. As we already mentioned, dryness is a frequent complaint of people using acne-fighting products, so a daily moisturizer such as the Mehrabi MD Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Serum is a smart choice to keep your skin smooth, comfortable, and hydrated.


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