Best Ingredients for Exfoliation

Best Ingredients for Exfoliation

Taking care of your skin is a significant part of your beauty routine. Generally, an unhealthy complexion will make most of your beauty routine efforts look less effective. Also, adding beauty and cosmetic products to an unhealthy complexion will only make it worse.

In order to make the most out of your beauty routine, it is important to start from the very base. This means that your skin should be well-cared before you add other steps to your routine.

Good skin depends on both internal and external factors. If your eating and drinking habits are healthy, your skin will be as well; Therefore, it is highly beneficial to balance your diet for a beautiful complexion.

Along with a balanced diet, a good cleansing routine should be used as well. Our skin regularly gets exposed to dust, smoke, and the sun. This can make our skin look dull. Our pores can get clogged with dirt and grime which can cause blackheads and whiteheads appear. For this reason, regular exfoliation should be a basic part of your skincare routine.

Effective Ingredients for Skin Exfoliation

Those who are conscious about the appearance of their skin know there are DIY exfoliating methods. These often include masks and scrubs that can be made from ingredients available in your kitchen. Many of these same ingredients are used in exfoliating products found in stores.

Whether you support DIY treatments or believe more in the market-available skincare products, you should know about the ingredients that exfoliate the most effectively.

Here is a list of powerful exfoliating ingredients:

Salt and Sugar

Due to their texture, these two are quite useful as exfoliating ingredients. Salt helps remove rough patches of dry skin. On the other hand, sugar is much finer and less abrasive.


Use coffee for a pick me up for your skin too. It can improve the cellulite condition and diminish stretch marks.

Baking Soda

One of the most common kitchen items, baking soda can improve dark patches on the skin. For example, those on the underarms. It makes a good facial exfoliant when mixed with honey.


Ground rice provides the right texture for a physical exfoliant but is quite gentle when used for face or body.

Chemical Exfoliation

Many products in the market will use physical exfoliating ingredients that are mentioned above. But to make the product more powerful, chemical exfoliants are often combined as well. These include alpha hydroxy acid (AHA); namely lactic acid, glycolic acid, citric acid, and multi-fruit acids. Beta hydroxy acid (BHA) is also used, which includes salicylic acid.

It is possible that certain exfoliating ingredients may not suit your skin; either physical or chemical. Therefore, you should be careful when making DIY scrubs, masks, or skincare products in the store. It is quite preferable to try a small amount on just a patch of skin and wait a suitable time to detect any adverse reaction.

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