What Exactly Is Causing Those Dark Circles Under Your Eyes?

What Exactly Is Causing Those Dark Circles Under Your Eyes?

Have you ever woken up after a short night's sleep, looked in the mirror, and seen a pair of tired eyes with dark circles underneath them staring back at you? For some people, no amount of sleep seems sufficient to get rid of those frustrating dark circles. This problem becomes more common with age, and can affect virtually anyone. No one likes looking permanently exhausted! Fortunately, there are solutions out there. In this article, we will discuss both the causes of and solutions to dark circles under the eyes.

The Most Common Causes of Dark Circles Under the Eyes:

Sleep Deprivation causes the tiny blood vessels under the eyes to dilate, which in turn causes the skin under the eyes to droop and take on a slightly darken tint than the rest of your facial skin.

Allergies can irritate the eyes, causing a similar dilation process as described above. Moreover, allergies can cause you to rub or scratch your eyes, which brings us to our next point...

Rubbing and/or Scratching the Eyes puts too much pressure on the sensitive area around your eye, causing inflammation and puffiness.

Excessive Sun Exposure can contribute to the formation of dark circles. Moreover, excessive sun exposure can also lead to uneven skin pigmentation, which tends to affect sensitive areas such as under the eyes most drastically.

Loss of Collagen is one of the most important reasons why dark circles are associated with aging. This important protein plays a key role in keeping the skin firm, strong, and elastic. But as the years go on, the body tends to produce less and less collagen. This is a leading cause of wrinkling and can also cause the skin to become thinner and more translucent. This helps the network of thin, blue veins below your eyes to show through more easily.

How Can You Reduce Dark Circles Under the Eyes?

Paying attention to these common causes will help you respond to them: perhaps by getting adequate sleep, treating an allergy problem, or wearing SPF sunscreen, for example, you can reduce the appearance of dark circles.

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